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Borders in a Single Shot:

A Project of the Temple University Film & Media Arts Graduate Programs

This crowd-sourced video production project is a study of Harun Farocki & Antje Ehmann's original project, "Labour in a Single Shot". Participating media makers address contemporary discourses on “borders”. 



After Farocki/Ehmann's "Labour In A Single Shot"

Borders In A Single Shot: After Farocki will be presented by project leaders at two gatherings in the fall of 2017, in Philadelphia and Berlin.   At these venues, we will screen the contributed videos individually and as a conceptual body of work, as part of a dialogue on Farocki's ideas about multiple authorship and the production of the image, in new contexts.

The 3rd Annual Documentary Theory-Practice Symposium
@ Temple University Film & Media Arts, 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
September 22, 2017

Farocki Now: A Contemporary Academy
@ Haus der Kulturen der Welt,
Berlin, Germany
October 18-21, 2017

“On four days “Farocki Now: A Temporary Academy” will serve as a forum for workshops, presentations, and debates which explore the contemporary relevance of Harun Farocki’s work and thought, placing it in new contexts and activating its productive potential. Six study groups from colleges, universities and self-organized institutes from Alexandria, Berlin, Jakarta, Philadelphia, and Potsdam will present their months-long research extending from Farocki’s work in the broad or narrow sense.  On October 18 the academy will be opened with the discursive evening “Accessing Images” in cooperation with the HKW....with contributions from Kodwo Eshun, Laura Mulvey, Natascha Sadr Haghighian, Susan Schuppli and an image and sound performance from Tashweesh (Basel Abbas, Ruanne Abou-Rahme and Muqata’a). Moderation: Sven Lütticken."


“Borders In A Single Shot” is conceived as a collection of simply produced fragments from multiple media makers who have responded to an open invitation to create a one-to-two minute video on the concept of “borders”, in all its implications in the current moment.  At the Temple Farocki Symposium and at Farocki Now: A Contemporary Academy in Berlin in fall of 2017, the project leaders will screen individual videos from the Borders In A Single Shot project, to engage with the critical and aesthetic instance of each piece, while conceptualizing the collective image produced by multiple authors.  The presentation will explore the internet-based production/distribution model presented by Farocki and Ehmann’s Labour In A Single Shot project, as reiterated by Borders In A Single Shot, as well as various contemporary projects that directly or indirectly spin off of Farocki’s ideas, as they multiple artists into an open framework of production of “unauthorized” representations of reality.

Serious Games, by Harun Farocki
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